Reiki is a wonderful healing practice that can be done distantly while you relax in the comfort of your own home.  Reiki clears, balances and resets your energy and it can help you gain clarity over life situations.

How does distant Reiki work?

It doesn’t matter where you are located, I connect with you energetically to form a sacred healing space through which I can channel the reiki energy directly to you.  It allows your body to heal itself physically and emotionally.  Whether you need support in career, health, relationships or just life in general a distant reiki session can be very powerful in bringing things back into balance.

All you need to do is pick a time that suits you, sit back, relax and be receptive to the healing energy.


£20 per session

Usual Price £35.  Sessions last for 45 minutes. 

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Join me each full moon and new moon for a group cleansing reiki ritual.  I’ll be performing a group distance reiki session which will be ready for you to ‘collect’ at any time on the day of the full moon.  I’l All you need to do is find a suitable time when you have no distractions, sit back, relax and be open to the reiki cleansing.


  • 24th March
  • 8th April
  • 23rd April
  • 7th April
  • 22nd April

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