Seasonal Mini Retreats, Pop up Classes and Workshops in and around Glasgow

All my events have the same aim in mind – to help you find peace, harmony and balance in your life.

My popular mini retreats continue at the lovely Prana Yoga Studio.  There’ll be one every season with a yoga flow for that particular season, pranayama, meditation and of course, yoga nidra to leave you totally relaxed and refreshed.

I also have a selection of workshops, retreats and pop up classes running at Seasonal Yoga Academy as well as Reiki Training.  

This year I’m also running a 100 Hour Yoga Foundation Course alongside Carla Webster at Prana Yoga Studio, Hamiton.

Check out the calendar below.


Autumn Retreat

Late Summer Mini Retreat Sunday 8th September

@Prana Yoga Studio, Hamilton 2pm-4.30pm

Time to harvest and reap the benefits of all that you have sown this year. 

I’m back at Prana after the summer with another mini retreats and this one is all about you.  connecting back to the earth, connecting to yourself, feeling grounded nourished and centred.

In this session we’ll be exploring the energy of Late Summer, working with the meridian lines for the stomach, pancreas and spleen.  Nourishing ourselves in our practice and in our thoughts.  This is all about self care and time for you because you are worth it.  Creating a sense of satisfaction and contentment in what we have achieved during the active months of the year.  Creating a strong core of self worth.  The spleen governs the immune system and if we don’t have a high sense of self worth why would the immune system think we are worth protecting?

There’ll be asana practice, chi kung, pranayama, meditation and one of Fi’s special yoga nidras to help you tap into the energy of Late Summer and live in harmony with the seasons.

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Living with Purpose
4 Week Group Coaching Programme starts Tuesday 10th September
@Collabo8te, Montrose st Glasgow, G1 1RE
Do you feel that you’re not quite living in alignment? Are you looking for more meaning in your life?

We all have a purpose in life and when we live in alignment with our purpose life flows much more easily. But how do you know what your purpose is and how do you live in alignment with it?

In this 4 week programme we’ll:

– Get clear on what your purpose is
– Identify and overcome blockages stopping you from living in alignment with your purpose
– Create a clear vision of where your purpose can take you
– Set a plan for living in alignment with your purpose

Programme runs weekly on Tuesday evenings 6.30pm-8.30pm for 4 weeks starting 10th September

Cost £65

Spaces are limited to 8 people

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Leading (2)
4 Week Group Coaching Programme starts Thursday 12th September

@Collabo8te, Montrose st Glasgow, G1 1RE

Do you struggle with leadership? Do you find yourself shying away from taking the lead and putting yourself forward?
Perhaps you feel like you don’t fit in to the traditional image of a leader?
Do you want to lead and inspire others from a heart centred place?

If you identify with any of these then this 4 week programme is for you.

Over the duration of the 4 weeks we’ll:

– Identify your values as a leader – what matters to you as a leader
– Identify and overcome blockages that prevent you stepping forward and being a leader
– Explore what it means to lead from the heart and put that into practice
– Set a plan developing your leadership skills further so that you can lead and inspire others with confidence.

Programme runs weekly on Thursday evenings 6.30pm-8.30pm for 4 weeks starting 12th September

Cost £65

Spaces are limited to 8 people

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Finding Stillness  Sunday 15th September

@Seasonal Yoga Academy 3pm-6pm

Time to unplug

Whether you feel overwhelmed, just need some time out for you or want to explore meditation further come and join me for this 3 hour workshop to find the stillness within.

We get caught up in the day to day we then forget to find time for stillness.  It is in that stillness that we connect to our higher being, connect to our full potential.  Find space to surrender and come home to ourselves.

We’ll start with a gentle yoga flow session to stretch and connect to the body in preparation for our meditation practice.  We’ll explore a couple of different meditation types and then finish with a lovely yoga nidra to leave you fully relaxed and restored.  


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Vision board

Sunday 13th October – Vision Board Workshop

@Collabor8te, Montrose St Glasgow 2pm-5pm

Come and join me for an afternoon creating your vision for the future.

Whether it’s 1 month or 5 years down the line we’ll create a representation of your vision for your future life that acts as a reminder of what you want to achieve and keeps you focussed on the path.

This is an opportunity to dream big and bring those dreams into your reality. What we focus on we achieve so start thinking about what you want to manifest in your life, what you want to achieve. Start planting those seeds so they can take root and grow.

in addition to setting our intentions for the future we’ll be taking the opportunity to let go of anything that no longer serves us, anything that holds us back for making tis dream a reality.

Are you ready to create the life of your dreams?


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Friday 25th October – Reset Your Body Clock

@Seasonal Yoga Academy 6.30pm-8.30pm


Feeling lethargic?  Lost your Mojo? Needing an energy boost? Feeling the effects of the shorter days and longer evenings?

As we move from the high energy yang seasons to the lower energy yin seasons this is a perfect time to check in with the body and give it a reset.

We’ll be exploring the concept of the body clock from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective.  TCM theory energy moves from one organ to another in a particular sequence over a 24hour cycle.  However, with our busy modern lives – working shifts/long hours, eating on the go/late/skipping meals, stress etc – it’s easy for our body clock to fall out of its natural rhythm leaving us depletes and potentially leading to all sorts of disorders and dis-ease.

Through yoga and chi kung we will work into the meridian lines associated with the different organs, in sequence  resetting the natural balance to bring the body back into harmony and balance.

We’ll finish with a yoga nidra to leave you feeling restored, relaxed and re-energised.


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Prana 100hr

100 Hour Yoga Foundation Course

1 Saturday per month August-December @Prana Yoga, Hamilton

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