Craving silence, a comfy pillow & contentment

I’ve had to embrace earplugs this week. The constant noise through the night – birds squawking, dogs howling, fishing trawlers, doors banging, the fan whirring. I long for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I long for a comfy pillow rather than my awkward combination of hard ashram pillow & meditation cushion that I currently have!  I long for just a few minutes with no noise.  There are moments of ‘quiet’ in the morning, at the beach at sunset, but when I am ready for sleep everything seems to be making a noise!  Some weeks it feels like I’m getting used to it, and then it’s like everything is conspiring to keep me awake!

Life is full of extremes – always too much or too little of something. I feel like Goldilocks this week, nothing is quite right.

There is always something we desire. The mind will seek out something that isn’t right. Some days here it is too hot, but it’s then so welcoming to feel the breeze. If I was in Scotland I would be feeling too cold & would be dreaming of sunshine, of spring, of lighter nights. Our minds will always seek out the negative if we let it, there is always something to disturb us, to stop us feeling content.

We do have a choice though, dwell on the negative, what is lacking in our lives or opt for gratitude, focus on the good aspects. Pain is a motivator to take action so it’s not about putting on a smile & white washing over the negative feelings. Recognise what you have control over – change the things you can & don’t waste energy complaining about those things if it is in your power to change them. The things we can’t change we need to learn to accept. We can complain about them over and over but it’s such a waste of energy, think about what you could use that energy for instead, what could you achieve with that additional energy.

What desires are disturbing your contentment?  What can you change and what do you need to accept let go of?

I started writing this blog on Monday & this morning (Saturday) I found a very nearly new, super comfy pillow in Ram’s bazaar – the ashrams second hand store. I am so so happy!!!

I am content – for the moment!

Om Shanti

Fi 🙂