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Locked Down in Paradise

It is now 4 months since I arrived in India.  January seems like an age ago and it feels like I have been here forever. My plan had been 3 months here & see what it leads to……hmmmm!  When I arrived the ashram was very busy getting ready for Amma’s South India Tour, then it was really quite for a few weeks with so many people away for the tour.  Mid-February the numbers had swelled again as the tour returned and then March numbers started to gradually dwindle as new visitors were no longer allowed into the ashram.  Mid-March we were only allowed to go out of the ashram for essentials – the bank or pharmacy – but we could still go across the road to the beach.  Then complete lockdown, across the whole of India.  The ashram closed its doors completely to all but supplies.  Over the last month there’s been a further dwindling of numbers as people take repatriation flights back to their home countries.

I now haven’t been out of the ashram for 2 whole months.  Fortunately, the ashram is large enough that there is space for everyone to move around – maybe not with a 2metre distance – and there is sunshine, amazing views over the backwaters and to the sea and we have delicious food (I haven’t cooked a meal in 4 months!).  Whilst I can’t go anywhere I am not considering myself ‘stuck’ here.  Anything but.  I feel very blessed indeed to be here at this time.  Amma normally has a very busy tour schedule and is not usually at the ashram for long periods of time so to have this time is truly a gift.  I have been learning loads, being completely immersed in Eastern philosophy, the Bhagavad Gita and vedanta and also finishing off my Psychology and Philosophy degree with the Open University – thankyou coronavirus for my end of module assignments being cancelled!  Lockdown gave me time to focus on my last two assignments over April.

Ashram life is not all love and light – whilst that is what everyone is aspiring to, every day in the ashram brings you something to work on! Someone to challenge your inner peace, situations to see how you react/respond!  There are plenty of opportunities for self-development.  I’ve shared a room for most of the time here and not every roommate has seen me as a gift from the universe, likewise I’ve not seen every roommate as a gift from the universe either!  There’s also the uninvited roommates – bees, mosquitos, moths, geckos – to contend with!  And the heat.  It has been beautifully sunny but hot, and now the rainy season is definitely here.  Mother nature has been treating us to fantastic lightening shows most evenings, but now they are accompanied by torrential downpours, and they are becoming more frequent.  The downpours don’t last too long but a whole lot of water leaks out of the sky in that short time, and they are becoming more frequent.  I can see why Kerala is so green and lush.  Of course, after the downpour everything becomes humid – if you didn’t get soaked in the rain you’ll soon be soaking from the humidity after.  With that amount of rain it takes a little while for it to drain away so some wading is required too!  It’s great to see and experience the change in season and weather.  I don’t think I ever would have chosen to come to Kerala during the wet months!

I’m missing teaching and coaching.  Trying to find ways in which I can share some teaching online, however, struggling to find a place where I could film from.  My internet connection isn’t very stable either to be able to run an online class – guaranteed to have you holding plank for more than a few breaths, I’m not sure anyone is going to appreciate that!  I am still exploring though so watch this space.

I’m not sure how long I will be here for – Lockdown across India has been extended until the end of May.  There’s speculation of international flights starting back up in June – but who knows!  The Indian Government is extending visas for 30 days from when international flights resume, fortunately I haven’t needed to go through the visa extension process, so far – some people are on their third visa extension process!  It looks like I will be here for at least another month or 2!

Despite all the uncertainty I feel very content here.  It has its own craziness but it feels like being in a bubble from the rest of the craziness of the world.  We don’t know what the world will look like a week from now let alone in 6 months time but one thing is for sure – we need to get used to living with uncertainty.  Nothing is permanent, nothings stays the same for very long and we are seeing that more than ever now.  Being in the present moment and acting with compassion are therefore essential.  It’s how we should be but I know how difficult it can be, especially when there is so much fear around.  So we have to put in the practice, witness our thoughts and weed out the negative and destructive ones, adopt a mindset of curiosity rather than judgement when you do spot those negative and destructive thoughts.  Let go of the ego that wants to control so you can be more open and allow for the good stuff that is there underneath all of the madness.

Om Shanti




India is now in its third day of lockdown and the ashram is mirroring what is going on outside.  While the people in the ashram have been pretty much isolated for a while now the government and health department have concerns over the number of people here and so did an inspection today.  Checking to ensure that similar procedures are being followed to the rest of the country in lockdown. “2 metres” is becoming a new mantra!

I’ve been speaking to a few people this last week about change – we are going through a period of unprecedented change in the world just now and we need to start doing things differently.  For some, change is not comfortable but it is part of the cycle of life.  Yin and yang, as one phase ends a new phase begins.  Sometimes change is within our control, sometimes it is not.

I was speaking to one person here at the ashram, dissatisfied with her life currently and wanting a complete change.  I asked her what she was doing about changing her life – she said she couldn’t do anything.  She was due to fly back to Germany this week but due to the lockdown and cancellation of flights coming in to the country she isn’t going anywhere just yet.  So she’s frustrated, she feels stuck, she misses being able to go to the beach here too.  She’s worried about losing her job if she has to stay here longer.  I asked her what would happen if she lost her job, what would she do?  She said she would look for a new job.  I suggested that this might be an opportunity to make changes to do something different but she didn’t seem convinced!

I know so many people in similar positions, they just keep doing the same thing over and over again yet still wanting things to change.  And then something happens that forces them to make a change – some recognise that opportunity to change, others just keep on trying to do the same things and getting frustrated, angry, hankering back to the ‘good old days’

For some, they are not looking for change, they are quite content breezing through life when something forces change upon them.  Again they have two choices – some adapt, seize opportunities to do things differently, others need to be pulled along, some with gentle leading, some dragged kicking and screaming.

How do you react to change?

What is happening in the world right now is making us all sit up and take notice that things have to change.  The planet needs to take a breath and we need to think how we can do things differently so that we look after the planet and each other – live in a balance.  I am heartened to see people starting to make changes, some stepping out of their comfort zones to do so.  Businesses forced to make changes that previously they would have said weren’t possible.  But rather than just trying to live as normal a life as possible is it time to create a new normal?

I know you are already having to do things differently to normal but what are you going to consciously change or do differently this week?

How do you want your life to be?  What one thing can you do this week that makes a difference to your daily life and takes you a step closer to how you want to live your life?  Change doesn’t need to be a big bang and often isn’t.  Making one small change every week can amount to big things over time.  Times like this can feel overwhelming and like we don’t have any control but you still have so much freedom to make choices – choosing to eat healthily, making exercise or meditation part of your daily routine, learning something new.  How many times in the past have you said “I wish I had more time to do x, y or z” Now we have time at home are you using it to do any of these things?  There are so many possibilities and this is a big opportunity to shake your life up and reshape it.  Don’t just do what you’ve always done but in a slightly different way.  Take time and think, then take action rather than just reacting.

For some of you learning or developing your yoga practice has been on your list of things to do & I am delighted to see so many fantastic yoga teachers I know offering their classes online.  I know for some this has meant stepping out of their comfort zone but they are adapting and finding new ways to do things to help people maintain their practice and stay fit and healthy. I’m not able to offer classes online just at the moment (other exciting things are being worked on!) so I’ve listed some fabulous teachers below who are live streaming their classes.

For those of you reading my blog that worry about going to a class in person because you’re ‘not flexible enough’ etc, no excuses now you can try in the comfort of your own home.

Stay safe and well

Om Shanti


Yoga Classes Online:

Julie Hanson & Karen Naismith @ Seasonal Yoga Academy

Carla Webster @ Prana Yoga Studio

Alison o’Donnell – Easy like Sunday Mornings, Sundays 9.30am – Text NAMASTE to 07771 867582 & Alison will send you details

Mark RussellKridaka Yoga

Renunciation and Non-Attachment

This week I had the privilege of watching over 250 sannyasins (renunciates) being formally initiated into bramacharya or sannyasa ashrama – renouncing everything in service of the world and God.  There were preparations during the week – a renunciation ceremony at the beach which culminated with the sannyasins walking into the sea and offering everything to the ocean.  The official ceremony on Friday started early in the morning with chanting the 1000 names of the Divine Mother and a Ganapathy Homa – a fire ceremony to remove obstacles.  The sannyasins received their new robes of orange or yellow, the colour being symbolic of the fire of renunciation.

“Sannyas is a state of total renunciation where one overcomes even the mind and its thoughts. One doesn’t reach this state just by wearing robes. Each moment should become filled with alertness, love and faith as we strive to reach that goal. We need to develop awareness in each and every word, look, thought and action.” Amma

As we see the world going a bit crazy this month – people having to self-isolate and give up freedom to move around that they have previously enjoyed, people being limited in what they can buy – I thought it would be a good time to think about non-attachment, also called aparigraha in the 8-limbs of yoga.

Complete renunciation takes a lot of courage, to release attachment to everything and everyone, to live with nothing but the grace of God.  Over the last few years I have scaled down my belongings considerably but it is difficult to do and there are things that I can’t bring myself to get rid of.  I don’t travel lightly – I make sure absolutely sure I utilise every gram of my luggage allowance (usually with stuff i don’t actually need)!  Here in the ashram I am now very attached to my comfy pillow, and also I cannot live without the ceiling fan on at the moment – I don’t think I could ever be a renunciate!!

The stuff we accumulate and become attached to.  I speak to people with grown up children who have a loft or garage full of things from their offspring’s childhood – just in case the children want them in the future.  I know people with lofts full of their own belongings that they are keeping ‘just in case’.  Often, when people move it is an opportunity to de-clutter, but it then, somehow, more stuff starts to fill the space!!  Some people just move everything without even a consideration as to whether they need it or not.  I’m not encouraging a throw-away society, there is too much of that already – but I think we need to be more thoughtful in what we buy, thinking about whether we really need it or not.

Non-attachment isn’t just about renouncing material belongings either.  We attach to our thoughts, our stories, our labels and identities as well.  When we have a perceived injustice how many times do we recount the story to anyone who will listen (and those who don’t want to listen!!).  How many times do we make excuses for not doing something because of a label or identity that we hold on to? – for instance “I’m not good enough” or “I could never do that”.

Right now the world is changing dramatically, at an astonishing pace.  We’ve never experienced this situation before and we need to be flexible and adaptable.  We need to ensure we don’t cling to outdated beliefs, that we don’t attach so ferociously to material possessions (maybe give up a toilet roll or two!).  Maybe it’s a good time to have a spring clean  –  particularly if you are stuck at home.  When you can socialise again there may be people who would really welcome some of the things you don’t need anymore.  And not just spring cleaning your mind as well, witness your thoughts and actions and see what ideas and beliefs you are clinging on to, and carrying around like excess baggage.

Live more lightly.

Om Shanti


All photos by MAM Amritapuri:

Feeling Contented – Santosha

It’s a few weeks since my last update from the ashram.  I was due to be coming back to Glasgow later this month but this last week I took a decision to extend my stay here.  With so many travelers to the ashram there has been a lot of consideration about risk of coronavirus and last week the ashram stopped accepting new visitors and there is no public darshan with Amma.  This means there are a lot less people at the ashram – relatively speaking! – and so quite a unique and interesting time to be here I think.  I have been feeling like a limitless sponge over the past few weeks as I learn and experience more here and don’t feel like I’m done yet!!  So flight has been cancelled and I’m staying 🙂

I feel very fortunate to be able to stay – a lot of nationalities can only stay in India for 3 months at a time, for the UK it is 6 months.  There are a number of people that need to leave the ashram due to their visa requirements and for a while at least will not be able to come back.  As for everyone in the world it’s creating a lot of uncertainty but it’s time to put into practice putting our fears aside.

I’m missing everyone back in the UK so keep sending me your news.  It’s lovely to hear what everyone is getting up – I hear the hot topic is toilet roll shortages, please use it wisely!

We are moving into the raining season here.  There is a torrential downpour some mornings around about sunrise and it is quite humid.  I think the humidity is to increase.  When I arrived I could put laundry out to dry in the evening and it would still dry quickly, now there is a window of opportunity during the day to get it dry, if you miss this window it just stays damp!  And you have to do more laundry because it is so hot and sweaty!  The humidity is also an issue for getting my hair dry – that same window of opportunity!  It’s kind of just like being in Glasgow really but warmth with the wet!

Diet is also on my mind at the moment with me staying longer.  To be honest food is always on my mind!!  There is a lot of choice of food at the ashram – Indian and western options.  I mostly eat Indian food for lunch and dinner but I still can’t get used to curry for breakfast.  I’ve discovered ragi pancakes – ragi is a grain like millet and makes really good pancakes.  It’s got quite a lot of nutrients in it, including iron which is very much lacking in this Indian vegetarian diet.  I have it with some fruit – bananas, mango, papaya or pomegranate and some jaggery syrup.  Jaggery is used here instead of sugar but mixed in water makes it is a bit like golden syrup.  There’s plenty of lentils, chickpeas and beans in the curries but a lack of green veggies so spirulina is coming to the rescue.

In the evening you can get Dosa for dinner – a thin pancake stuffed with spiced potato curry & served with sambal (a sort of thin spicy gravy) and coconut chutney or Puri – a deep fried puffed up flatbread.  Here it is usually served with a chickpea curry.  I think Puri is absolutely my favourite thing at the moment, but it’s not the healthiest!!

There are a lot of snack options too – Samosas (yum), paneer or curry puff pastries, vada – a savoury spiced donut – I sometimes have with curry instead of rice

There is also lot of sweet food available in India but it’s very very sweet – coconut naan (a Danish pastry type thing with coconut and candied fruit. Ada – Cooked rice soaked in sweet stuff then wrapped and steamed in banana leaves.  Fortunately I don’t really like these, although I have been trying everything purely so I can tell you all about it.

Ragi Pnacakes with mango and banana


Samosa and paneer puf pastry

I would have more pictures of food but either I’ve eaten it before I remember to take a picture or it doesn’t look nearly as good as it tastes!

I have good food, sunshine and still have my comfy pillow – Santosha! (contentment)

Om Shanti


Craving silence, a comfy pillow & contentment

I’ve had to embrace earplugs this week. The constant noise through the night – birds squawking, dogs howling, fishing trawlers, doors banging, the fan whirring. I long for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I long for a comfy pillow rather than my awkward combination of hard ashram pillow & meditation cushion that I currently have!  I long for just a few minutes with no noise.  There are moments of ‘quiet’ in the morning, at the beach at sunset, but when I am ready for sleep everything seems to be making a noise!  Some weeks it feels like I’m getting used to it, and then it’s like everything is conspiring to keep me awake!

Life is full of extremes – always too much or too little of something. I feel like Goldilocks this week, nothing is quite right.

There is always something we desire. The mind will seek out something that isn’t right. Some days here it is too hot, but it’s then so welcoming to feel the breeze. If I was in Scotland I would be feeling too cold & would be dreaming of sunshine, of spring, of lighter nights. Our minds will always seek out the negative if we let it, there is always something to disturb us, to stop us feeling content.

We do have a choice though, dwell on the negative, what is lacking in our lives or opt for gratitude, focus on the good aspects. Pain is a motivator to take action so it’s not about putting on a smile & white washing over the negative feelings. Recognise what you have control over – change the things you can & don’t waste energy complaining about those things if it is in your power to change them. The things we can’t change we need to learn to accept. We can complain about them over and over but it’s such a waste of energy, think about what you could use that energy for instead, what could you achieve with that additional energy.

What desires are disturbing your contentment?  What can you change and what do you need to accept let go of?

I started writing this blog on Monday & this morning (Saturday) I found a very nearly new, super comfy pillow in Ram’s bazaar – the ashrams second hand store. I am so so happy!!!

I am content – for the moment!

Om Shanti

Fi 🙂



Three years ago today I handed in my notice at work in order to follow a dream that lit me up.  Giving up a well-paid corporate job to start my own Wellness business as a Life Coach and Yoga Teacher. This wasn’t a decision made lightly – I’d agonised for months over whether this was viable or not but there was one thing that spurred me on…..whether it turned out to be viable or not I knew I would regret not giving it a go.  The thought of looking back later in life and wondering “what if….” was far too painful.  Similarly continuing to do my job was becoming more and more difficult when I really wanted to be doing something else.

When word got around that I was leaving to go and do something completely different and to be self-employed people told me I was brave and courageous.  I didn’t feel particularly brave and courageous it was more the pain of potential regret that was driving me forwards!

Courage is not the absence of fear.  Courage is rising up in the face of fear – Mark Twain

Courage to shine your light, courage to be you, courage to speak up and speak your truth.  Courage to go for what you want, to ask for what you want.  Courage to say “No” or even to say “Yes”!

Courage makes us vulnerable, rising up in the face of fear.  What if it goes wrong?  What is the worst that could happen?

Rebecca Campbell, in Light Is The New Black, highlights that often what we fear most is the place where we are right now.  We just don’t realise it.  The thing that stops most people taking the leap into doing something that they love is fear that it’s not going to work and they’ll end up back doing what they are doing right now.  So the worst that could happen is you are back to doing the same thing you are doing right now.  You are in that place right now, doing what you are doing, so if that’s the worst that can happen what are you waiting for?

The last 3 years have gone by in a flash.  It’s been 3 years of significant self-development but amazing opportunities.  Alongside working I’ve been studying for a degree in psychology and philosophy – this wasn’t even on the radar when I gave up my previous job and I’m about to enter my final year! My yoga teaching has grown and developed, my coaching practice is building.  I don’t know exactly where this will take me and that doesn’t matter – the journey is amazing!

What lights you up?  Can you find the courage within you to take a step forward in doing what you love?

You don’t need to go hand your notice in right now!  You can start by taking small steps to doing what you love.  Just make a start now and don’t put it off until tomorrow.

5 Steps to Happiness

The many faces of emotion

Emotions – we all experience them. Some people share their emotions, they don’t try to hide them. They make it known exactly how they are feeling. Other people hide their emotions and you never quite know what they are feeling. What’s right? There is no right or wrong way, but what we must ensure if that we are not ruled by our emotions. They are fleeting sensations and experiences that we give a label to, give meaning to. Sometimes we cling to those emotions and become identified with them, sadness, anger, fear, shame, disgust. It is when we cling to those emotions that there is suffering. It is ok to feel anger if a situation warrants it but when that anger is uncontrolled, unwarranted or held on to for excessive periods then then it becomes destructive and leads to suffering. It is ok to feel fear in situations, it drives us to take action, but if we constantly live in fear then it prevents us from taking any action at all. Similarly, with sadness and grief – it is ok to mourn the loss of a loved one, but we also need to remember the joy and happiness that person brought into our life. Emotions are energy, they carry a vibration. Negative emotions really draw us down to the root chakra and our sense of survival. Positive emotions lift us up but we also need to be careful that we don’t get too attached to positive emotions. All emotions cloud the way we see the world around us.

Our main aim in life is to be happy, but that happiness has to come from within. It is not the responsibility of anyone else to make us happy or for an object to make us happy – as once that person or object is gone then so is our happiness. Take control of your own happiness.

5 Steps to cultivating happiness within

  1. Gratitude – Spend time each day giving thanks. It might be being grateful for the roof over your head, the food on your plate, the money in your pocket. The more we focus on the things we can be grateful for the more we are training our minds to focus on the positive.
  2. Meditate – Spend time each day meditating. Calming the mind so that you can see the world as it really is. Meditation allows you to witness your thoughts and see those emotions for what they are.
  3. Watch the energy around you – What is the energy around you? Remember that no one is responsible for making you happy and likewise you are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness. Are you surrounding by people that drain your energy? Take time out so that you can refocus your energy. Visualise a protective bubble around you that shields you from negative energy.
  4. Move – When we feel a negative emotion it’s important to move. How we sit or stand has an impact on how we feel. If we always walk with our head down, shoulders hunched we are sending a message to our brain that we are sad. Adopt a more positive position. Stand upright, o for a walk. This can be really hard to do if you are feeling down but make yourself shake off the emotion and you will feel a whole lot better.
  5. Choose to be Happy – Happiness is a choice. If you actively choose to be happy rather than sad, angry, fearful you are also training your brain in happiness. You might have to keep reminding yourself to start with that you choose to be happy but eventually happiness will become the default setting.

Spring Detox Part 3 – Digital Detox

This weeks detox focus is on what you consume digitally.

Social media, TV, internet. They all have an impact on how we feel. These are the things we do to relax but are they really relaxing us?

We get totally caught up in the programmes we watch on TV. Sometimes it might be feel good dramas, but it can also be dark dramas that can induce a sense of fear. You sit down to watch the TV ready to relax, drop your filters and you’re tranced out, absorbed in the drama before you realise it.  Distorting your view of how life is without you realising it. Not to mention the adverts in between – utilising this lovely tranced out space you’re in, convincing you that all you need is that new car, that particular perfume or that shampoo in your life to make you the hottest thing alive!

Social media – the edited highlights of everyone’s life. You pop on to facebook for a few minutes and before you realise it you’ve lost an hour of your life, maybe two hours! You started off in a good frame of mind but you’ve now started comparing your life to someone you don’t really know who’s life looks amazing. And then before you know it you’ve become lost in an array of you tube videos of cats performing tricks, goats dancing……….& suddenly you think “how did I end up here”.

Or there’s the attention seeking post – it’s just one line that is waiting for comments……..
You don’t want to give in and ask what’s happened but secretly you’re intrigued so you scroll through all the comments from other people: “are you ok honey?”,     “what’s happened”,    “don’t let them get to you”.  You’re still none the wiser about what’s happened and you’ve lost another hour of your life!

And there’s also the fitbit (or similar digital device) – designed to make us healthier and fitter by logging every aspect of our lives – you’ve counted your steps, logged what you’ve eaten, analysed your sleep pattern over the last week.  Are you healthier as a result or more stressed because you’ve not done enough steps, not eaten enough vegetables/protein/carbs, not drunk the requisite amount of water, or not had enough REM sleep?

Can you switch off from digital media? The majority of us use it in everyday life but are there times when you don’t need to use it and you could do something else instead.

Maybe set a curfew to switch off digital devices for periods each day. Set time limits and stick to them. How much time would it free up?

Witness how much time you spend on digital media – does it make you feel good or does it leave you feeling lacking and inadequate?  Curate your social media feeds – you can “snooze” or “hide” posts from certain people if you don’t want to completely unfriend them!

Try it for a week.  Notice what happens when you can switch off from digital devices.  Do you sleep better? Is your mood more positive? Does it affect your relationships?

If it feels good, why not keep it going


Spring Detox – Part 2 – Thought Focus

Being healthy isn’t just about food and exercise.  Our thoughts also have an impact on our health and wellbeing and we tend to be our own worst critic.  The internal chatter in our minds can be harsh – we say things to ourselves that we would never say to a friend:

  • “You’re not good enough”
  • “You’re too fat” / “You’re too thin”
  • “You shouldn’t have eaten that”
  • “You’re not clever enough”
  • “You’re so stupid”
  • “You could never do that”
  • ………..The list goes on and on.

If those thoughts are repeated enough they can become ingrained and we start to believe them – then we’re in a vicious cycle – the thoughts bring us down, we don’t put energy into doing new things and so the thoughts are reinforced.  The thoughts are often so general that we start applying them to all areas of our lives bring us down further and further………….

Step back and breathe.  It’s time to detox those negative thoughts.  How?

Start witnessing and catching them when they arise – when they show up question it:

  • “What if I could do that?”
  • “How could I do that?”
  • “Who say’s I’m too thin/fat?”
  • “What can I do differently”
  • “Is that really true”

Look for the evidence that says this isn’t true – we tend to delete the positive things and focus so much on the negative aspects of our lives.  Start looking out for all the positives instead.

This can be hard to do to start with but with practice it gets easier.  If the thoughts are overwhelming, just stop and breathe, take a pause and in that pause you can question the thoughts and look for the positive aspects.

Another great way for detoxing the mind is to cultivate gratitude.  Noting down a few things each day that you are grateful for really helps you to look for the positive things.  The more you focus on the positive things the easier it is to let go of the negative thoughts.

Detoxing our thoughts isn’t just about how we talk to ourselves either.  What about anger and resentment that we feel towards others?  Those thoughts can also be toxic as we tend to cling on to them for way too long.  Getting caught up in the drama.  Telling everyone how bad someone has been to us, bringing them into the drama and getting their reassurance.  Each time reliving the experience and all the associated emotions.  Again, it’s time to stop and breathe.

When there’s anger rising up in a situation ask yourself:

  • “Is what I’m about to say true?”
  • “Does it need to be said?”
  • “Does it need to be said by me?”

Just think about how much energy you waste ruminating on negative thoughts.  if we can just allow them to evaporate – even just a few of them, think about how much more energy you’d have to focus on the good things.

The Art of Manifesting Part 2

Another full moon this weekend so another excuse for some manifesting! Following on from last months blog on manifesting this month I’m exploring what happens when you’re not sure what your goals are.  Some people set out on things with no idea where it will lead.  They have some vague idea or notion but can’t yet get clear on what the end result looks like.  It feels like too big a commitment to say “that’s definitely what I want”.  There may be too many options to consider which all look appealing.  How can you choose a definite path?

So this month I’m working with “this is where I’m heading for now”.  Taking things one step at a time, see where things lead.  Remember nothing is permanent and things can change. And they will change!

Look back across your life and see how many changes you’ve been through – new homes, new jobs, new relationships. So just because you manifest something into your life it doesn’t mean that you can’t then make changes in the future.  It’s an ongoing and evolving process. And the more you do it the more skilled you’ll become so when you are ready to make those big changes you’ve had plenty of practice.

We need to commit to our goals and visions. If we go into them half hearted the end results will reflect that. But there will always need to be tweaks, we may not get things quite right so we can continually adjust and fine tune. And once in a while you might see the need for a complete overhaul. Don’t stress about it! Let it flow.  

My life has twisted & turned through varying jobs, careers, friendships, romances, interests & hobbies. Each one manifested from what I put out and each one an opportunity to learn and evolve. Some of them stick with you for life, some don’t. It is all part of life’s rich experience – and you are the creator of your life.